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Why doesn't chiropractic cure everyone?


Tedd Koren, DC

I so wanted to get everyone better with spinal adjustments when I graduated from Sherman College.

When patients didn't always respond, I was at a loss. When patients would present with cancer, heart disease, allergies, Alzheimer's or dementia, back pain, neck pain, eye and ear problems, shoulder problems, MS, rheumatoid arthritis and didn't get a magical healing response, I felt terrible.

Why? Their life energy was now flowing, their innate communications were free of (or had less) interference. I couldn't stand around hopeless. I had to know why.

What am I missing? What am I missing?? became my mantra.

What compounded the mystery was hearing of chiropractors, young as well as old, with chronic illness such as cancer, heart disease, stroke, Parkinson's and arthritis, living in pain and disability.

Soon I was to join their ranks. I was in constant, severe arm, wrist, shoulder, hand, neck and head pain after being injured in an accident. In addition, I had lower back pain and sciatica that was getting worse for 25 years. I had been getting adjusted most of my life. I had gone to the best chiropractors in the profession and still suffered.

After ten years of pain and disability I discovered KST (Koren Specific Technique) and used it to adjust myself. I found what so many dedicated and talented doctors missed, and were still missing, with many of their patients.

At first I thought KST was purely a new chiropractic technique since it can enhance chiropractic analysis and adjustments to give doctors the best results of their lives.

But I discovered that KST is more than a chiropractic technique. With roots in chiropractic it's protocols can enhance other areas of healthcare as well. That is why dentists, craniosacral therapists, acupuncturists, naturopaths, optometrists, medical doctors, psychologists and others have taken KST seminars and are getting better results in their fields.

The teacher as a student

For awhile my practice was mostly made up of sick chiropractors (and their families) because I was able to get them better, after hundreds of adjustments could not. I started teaching KST so patients wouldn't have to travel hundreds or thousands of miles to see me.

But I was also driven to teach KST because I wanted help advancing this unique work; having many fellow practitioners using this protocol would mean many minds working together, coming up with more creative and unique ways of helping people.

What is creative and unique about KST? Many things. One example is the posture of subluxation.

Posture of subluxation (POS)

I don't think most people get subluxated while lying face down on a table. So why do we insist on adjusting them in that position? With KST we can analyze and adjust subluxations in the posture the subluxation occurred in, the Posture of Subluxation or POS, and get much, much better results.

The POS could be standing, sitting, bent over, in painful position, in the position of throwing a baseball or football, swinging a golf club, tennis racquet, etc.

The POS may be emotional: analyzing and adjusting while the patient thinks of hot issues in their lives, relationships, fears, allergens, injuries, etc. they will subluxate and correcting those subluxations will often break a destructive mind/body reflex.

Other POSs include the dyslexia POS, checking and adjusting someone while they are trying to read or write. Many doctors report dramatic corrections after just one visit.

Prioritizing subluxations

Not all subluxations are created equal nor are they created at the same time. People are like onions, they have many layers, and the layers must be peeled slowly and deliberately in the proper order. With KST we respect the order the body wants subluxations corrected. The results speak for themselves.

Surprising feedback

I have to admit when doctors on the KST Forum ( started reporting adjustments for bad habits, weight loss, smoking, cravings, libido and even adjustments to improve golf game and sport performance I was a bit surprised.

But it was a logical application of the KST POS and I was happy to see them expanding the work. Apparently the physical body, as a hologram of our mind/body/spirit, can serve as a gateway to correct multiple health problems and improve function.

Subluxation patterns

Using KST doctors have discovered a number of subluxation patterns. For example a common pattern is the panic pattern, sternum raised, xiphoid anterior, coccyx anterior caused from a fight/flight situation. The problem arises when the pattern doesn't release after the danger has passed. The person remains physically and mentally stressed.

The hump pattern in the upper thoracic spine is also relatively common and sometimes corrected in one visit. Most chiropractors don't release it because they don't address the anterior ribs.

But some conditions have no set pattern. For example, although KST doctors are reporting dramatic scoliosis corrections (up to 100%) no pattern has emerged.


Always, always check patients for dehydration. Dehydration can cause inability to hold an adjustment, depression, high blood pressure, disc problems, constipation, stroke, allergy and much more. No, you don't have to drink 8 glasses of water a day for the rest of your life. Daily consumption can be decreased once people rehydrate to normal levels.

Dental toxicity

Dental conditions such as infected root canals, mercury toxicity or sites where teeth were removed (but not properly cleaned out) are linked to MS, Parkinson's, Alzheimer's, rheumatoid arthritis, depression, premature heart disease, ALS, chronic neck pain and other problems.

Helping more patients more effectively

Chiropractic doesn't get everyone better all the time because we have to ask the right questions, adjust in the correct posture and be aware of things that interfere with heath. Using KST you'll be able to discover why so many people have so much chronic illness to a greater degree, no matter what the condition or problem, and help them.

More and more

We'll be discussing all this great material, and lots more, at the KST seminars in St. Louis next month (Dec 6/7), Philadelphia (Jan 24/25), Fort Lauderdale (Feb 21/22) and London, UK (May 16/17). Go to to register or watch a KST introductory video. You can also go to 800-537-3001 to register or have questions answered. All students receive one-on-one training, life time support and a personal mentor, plus lots of meals and breaks so you don't have to leave the premises.

KST doctors consistently report increased referrals and no need to advertise, word just spreads. The seminar pays for itself right away, and keeps paying years later. Plus KST will save your arms, shoulders, hands, etc. giving you added years of practicing.

I couldn't resist including these recent letters from KST doctors

Monday morning. I started using KST Monday morning. So far I have given over a hundred KST adjustments and only 3 or so "regular" ones. I just started doing it, it wasn't really my plan to implement it all at once, it just happened. I am already fluent and confident. The only other comment right now is WOW! Just incredible results. This is the most exciting thing I've ever done. Robert Hughes, DC

Autism. Great success using KST with a child with autism. The child's doctor now says the child is no longer in the Autistic Spectrum Disorder. Nancy Tarlow, D.C.

They like it. A woman with shoulder and neck issues that has gone on for years had her pain disappear immediately after one KST adjustment. Another woman had a major emotional (crying) outburst after her first KST adjustment and later admitted she had some issues she was finally able to talk to her therapist about afterwards. Patients note that they aren't sure what KST is doing for them but they like it and want to be adjusted that way. Danielle Marra, DC

Visceral. Visceral conditions are a huge part of the practice now. Multiple vertigo and migraine cases cleared very quickly. This week alone well over 1/2 of my patients drove well over 30 to 75 miles one way to see me. I have seven referrals this week alone. Jaison Golojuh, DC

POS. Adjusting in the position of subluxation has been so great. I adjusted a woman in her golf swing and that is helping her with migraines. I adjusted a 21 year old boy in his baseball pitch and he said it greatly helped him. Donna Funk, DC

Depression. The results are amazing. I have been treating children from six weeks old and adults in their 70s. A lady come to me feeling very forgetful and depressed after a fall. I adjusted her cranial bones, and the next day she called me to say how fantastic she was feeling. Jean Luc Lafitte, D.C

Boundaries. This whole KST is such a huge concept that I am still just trying to find the boundaries - if they exist. The results are staggering! Terry Murphy, DC.

Wonderful results with patients with all sorts of health problems: back and hip pain, snoring, urinary retention, headaches, sleep apnea, to name a few. Nina Englander, D.C.

Chronic bilateral headaches for 20 years. Chronic bilateral headaches in the temporal region. The patient had a headache every day for more then twenty years and traveled all over the country looking for help. After three visits the headaches were gone. Lawrence Schechtman, DC.

Loose Knees. 14 year old girl with bilateral knee pain diagnosed by the MD's as "kneecaps that are too loose." I know I' m only a chiropractor, but I've never heard such a stupid diagnosis. 4 weeks later with KST she was pain free (and I never adjusted her knees). Her grandparents were so impressed they brought in her 10 year old brother diagnosed with Tourette's syndrome. After 6 visits they noticed a significant drop in his tics. Truthfully I wouldn't have even considered treating either of these two kids with the standard techniques I was using before KST. What a horrible shame that would have been for these two bright young people. David McDougall, DC

A big difference. For more than 3 years I adjusted a patient with both B.E.S.T. and diversified who had low back pain. It always felt better after being adjusted, but it always came back. After only 3 KST adjustments her back pain cleared up, and it hasn't come back. That was 4-5 months ago. Thomas Ruhsam, D.C.

Life changing. The KST seminar was literally a life changing event. I'm 75 and practiced for 40 years. The physical rigors of adjusting were taking their toll. KST will extend my practice life and probably my own. The mentor program is wonderful. Charlie Shields, DC

Constant pain. I had pretty much given up on chiropractic...mainly due to the constant pain down my arms and legs for several years. Your adjustment took away the constant pain down my legs...My mood is amazing... Nancy Tarlow, DC

Come to a KST seminar and experience the magic of healing. Go to or call 267-498-0071.

Feel free to write to me anytime with any questions at

Tedd Koren, DC




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