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An Interview with Dr. Tedd Koren on KST

Q:   What is your educational and professional background?
TK:  I received my DC from Sherman College after earning my BA in Communications. I've taught at chiropractic colleges and created patient education materials (brochures, booklets, posters, postcards and others; see I've been on radio and TV, and had my own radio show educating the public and debating and beating MDs foolish enough to take me on.

In 1995, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) tried to destroy chiropractic by severely limiting chiropractors' ability to educate their patients and the public. I beat them in a 6-year battle. I didn't ask for that fight, but I didn't run from it either. I have also success fully defended chiropractic against the Quackbusters in court.
Q:   In addition to all that, do you still see patients?
TK:  Yes, since my graduation in 1977.

Q:   Do you contribute to professional journals?
TK:  My original research has been published in peer reviewed biomedical journals; in addition I've written for nearly all the chiropractic journals on philosophy, history, politics, research, science, patient care and now the art of chiropractic - KST.

Q:   Why did you develop KST?
TK:  It was the silver lining found within a cloud. I was badly hurt in an accident. I suffered daily and saw over 50 DCs plus many other healers with no improvement. Intent upon finding a way to reclaim my health, I discovered the principles of KST, adjusted myself using it and my 10 years of health issues cleared up in a few days. Happily, in addition, my 30-year history of intermittent sciatica pain cleared up and my wife's 12 years of struggling with migraines ceased.

Q:   What happened after that?
TK:  I perfected its application over a period of 18 months by working on sick chiropractors that no one else could help. I finally succumbed to the many requests to teach others what I was doing.

Q:   What makes KST unique?
TK:  KST is an inside-out rather than an outside-in system using chiropractic's vitalistic philosophy and core Universal principles that are at the basis of all vitalistic healing arts. Chiropractors and their patients as well as the profession need this deeper healing that KST offers.

Q:   Why do you say the chiropractic profession needs KST?
TK:  There is so much frustration in day-to-day practice. For years chiropractic management consultants have told me that the problem with the profession is that we have a wonderful story but in practice we often can't deliver. With KST you can deliver and fulfill the promise of chiropractic.

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