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Who is Dr. Tedd Koren?

Tedd Koren, DC, the discoverer of Koren Specific Technique (KST), is a 1977 graduate of Sherman College of Chiropractic. He was a founder and teacher at a chiropractic college and is a popular speaker at chiropractic conventions, schools and state organizations.

Dr. Koren has made original contributions to all aspects of chiropractic: science, art and philosophy. He raised the standard of chiropractic patient education materials with Koren Publications. Dr. Koren successfully defended chiropractic against the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) allowing chiropractors to continue educating their patients and the public. He is the only chiropractor to beat the "Quackbusters" in court and continues to fight for healthcare freedom.

Dr. Koren's years of suffering after an accident resulted in his development of Koren Specific Technique, where he applied the universal principles of chiropractic to create a breakthrough in patient and self care. Thousands of practitioners around the world, as well as their patients, say KST gives "the best adjustment of my life."

Dr. Koren lives with his family in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania. He calls the discovery of KST "the brightest feather in my cap, helping more people than anything else I've ever done."

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