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What will you learn at a KST seminar?


1. The philosophical foundation for vitalistic care and how to apply   it using a protocol that is in harmony with chiropractic principles. 

2. A unique and specific analysis procedure using the occipital drop (OD) that quickly locates priority subluxations.

3. The proper order in which to adjust subluxations.

4. The posture of subluxation (POS) and its connection to effective care.

5. Cranial adjusting, disc correction and extremity care.

6. How to adjust for dyslexia, musculoskeletal problems, addictions, phobias, emotional stress, bad habits, scars, dropped organs, learning disorders, allergies, and other mind/body and physiological problems.

7. How both dental health and dehydration affect overall health and their relevance for each patient.

8. How often patients should be seen.

9. How to adjust yourself.

10. How to free yourself from the "tyranny of the table."

11. How to locate hidden subluxations quickly and easily.

12. How to ask the most useful questions to discover the deepest subluxations that are preventing or interfering with healing.

13. How to give a great adjustment and excellent care without damaging your body and your health.

14. How to enhance your own health and productivity by addressing physical, emotional and financial blockages.

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