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Renewed enthusiasm for practice
I have been in practice for 42 years and was in retirement mode working on primarily "difficult" cases. Now more excited than ever. Compliments to you and your staff for well organized, complete presentation of material. Gerald W. Kari, D.C.

Great seminar
Your seminar was one of the most enjoyable that I have participated in. It was an inspiring gathering of remarkable doctors. Your honesty was refreshing. The exchange of information was unique and inspiring. There was a good balance of teaching and practical. Terry Burk, D.C.

Amazing results
Right off the bat I had a patient that needed a fresh approach! A few tap taps here and there and the pain was gone. I kept using it on more and more patients - 4 out of 5 pts with chronic "pain right here when I..." that went away in minutes using the KST! "something so simple and easy is getting such amazing results so quickly." Russ Smith, D.C.

Self adjustment
Dear Tedd, I checked myself when I got home (Surrey, England) and found the flight had put my palate out again; my travel-headache went away immediately and I went straight to sleep (for an hour). I slept like a log that night, but I woke with a sore shoulder; treated myself again and have been feeling fantastic since. Today so far I've seen eight people and used KST on all of them; they love it! I love it too! My back muscles are happy because I'm hardly bending and twisting at all and my clients are seeing cool stuff happen as we treat: My first one today walked in, but he wasn't moving his head or neck at all, and he'd been like that for several days, waiting to get in and see me. In five minutes he had 45 degree rotation both ways and good flexion and extension and no pain in neutral. I did some more work in position of pain and got more movement and relief and cleared his SI's that had been painful too; very happy! We had a female client with a persistent shoulder strain of several weeks which got cleared today, a strong emotional response there... She'd already got over an eight year old back pain problem using mainly your technique as I knew it before this weekend, and I'm having good results with her son (eight) who has been labeled ADHD by his school... "at times now he seems really connected and his teachers have noticed too." I can't wait to see him on Friday.
I'm having a family session after I get home largely thanks to having a spare ArthroStim for the bedroom! Tedd, I can't thank you enough for what you've done, it's a fantastic technique and this is the happiest I've ever been at work! I feel ready to look at just about anything and that I could help just about anyone and yet there's still stuff to learn and new things to discover. What a great journey to be on and what wonderful companions for the journey. Thank you so much to you Beth for looking after us so well (and to the sponsors for the food!). I had a really great time.
Ralph Mitchell, D.C., Surrey, England

Old patient �First time pain free�
Tedd, I saw a patient this morning which I treated yesterday with a hot low back. I have seen this patient for a year now. He came in this morning and said, "Yesterday is the first time since I have been seeing you where I walked out of your office pain free, I think you are really onto something." This was only the very first patient I treated with your technique. I am skeptical of new techniques and I was skeptical when I was reading all your testimonials, but actually treating patients and seeing the results has definitely convinced me. This technique also makes practice more interesting by adjusting constantly changing patterns not the same patterns over and over. Thank you very much. John Collins, D.C.

Mayo Clinic failure
Dear Tedd - I had a new patient come in today with quite a bit of apprehension. She just moved here from Minnesota where she went to the Mayo Clinic and was told that "it was in her head". I told her that they were right, they just didn't know where in her head. :) She came in with headaches, numbness and tingling in her fingers, low back pain, arthritis, asthma, neck pain, fatigue, and lack of concentration. Actually there was much more, but that's enough for now. When she left, her posture was greatly improved, all outward signs and symptoms were gone, her eyes were the same size where they weren't before. She and the people that brought her were just floored. It gave me an opportunity to communicate to them the power of Innate, the role of the nervous system and how incredible we are from a place that felt so good. I have a feeling that many new patients will be coming from them. Peter Cohen, D.C.

Son & wife
Dear Tedd, When I got home my 9 year old Avi, greeted me in a way that breaks my heart - lying on the couch with a very sad face which means he is having a headache. I usually adjust him and have to watch him suffer until the morning when he usually clears. This time I got my handy dandy ArthroStim out, and adjusted his sphenoids, occiput, cervicals, and maybe one more thing and almost instantly he was being a young brat running around (no headache at all!).
My wife Kathy has had low back pain, and is usually a pain to adjust. She also has a terrible pain in her neck which is very sore and sharp in nature. I adjusted her twice, one cleared her neck pain for 2 days so far (the longest ever), and the low back pain persisted for a couple of hours and then went away!
I have adjusted about 50 others so far using the whole protocol and I am very excited to hear what they say on their next visit.
Last story: I go to the gym 3-4 times a week and usually I swim about fifty laps. When I swim free style, I need to stop every 2-3 laps due to being out of breath and my heart is racing like I just have ran at a high pace. Monday I swam fifty laps straight, no stops, no heart racing, no breathlessness, and I did it at a much higher pace, going about 15 laps of free style at a time. I got out from the pool, calm, focused, and with amazing clarity, it was a "wow" experience for me. Thanks, Scott Mor, D.C.

D.C. with migraines
Hi Tedd, Thank you again for a great weekend. My first patient was my associate doc who came in with one of her chronic migraines. At times she's had to leave the office because of them (isn't that a drag in a chiropractic office?). A few cranial and upper cervical adjustments and the migraine was gone immediately! That just never happened before. So I used it with almost everyone all day. A few had great immediate relief, a few a little relief and some I'll have to see how they responded on their next visit. I loved working on the people with the serious problems-autoimmune, hormonal etc. And everyone reacted favorably to the technique and the ArthroStim. And of course I adjusted myself, my family, my cat! Thanks again. Best wishes, Don Piccoli, D.C.

Severe pain
Have been playing around with your technique since last Monday when I finally got back from the states. I must say that each day I'm using KST more and more. Clients that have stumped me in the past are now responding. Just got done with a new client 10 minutes ago and am very happy. He arrived completely hunched over in severe pain and within 5 seconds saw his body reacting to one single L5 adjustment. He left the office moving around trying to find positions of discomfort and couldn't find. Gotta run and apply KST on another new referral. Tim Lix, D.C.

Blurred vision
Hi Tedd, It was great being at the seminar. I got back today and used the technique many times. I had one pt that woke up with blurred vision in one eye and had made an appt with the ophthalmologist. He came in with other back complaints and asked me about his eye. I adjusted his sphenoid and the blurry vision went away immediately. He was canceling his other appt. I wanted him to keep it so he could tell the ophthalmologist what transpired. I like confusing them.
Adjusted a lady complaining of an ear ache for two weeks. Pain relieved immediately after temporal and tmj cleared. Started the technique on a lady that cannot even tolerate the activator. She walked out feeling better than she has in months. Having fun. Dave Lundquist, D.C.

Tremendous potential
Dear Tedd - This was one of the most comfortable group of doctors to have been with in 25 years of attending seminars. This stuff has tremendous potential!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Also, nice touch with the meals and snacks, that was the "icing on the cake." Thanks for the Spizz!!!!!!!
George Shoemaker, D.C.

Terrific seminar/impressive results
Dear Tedd, The seminar was terrific. I have been checking myself and family and have been impressed. Harv Haslett, D.C.

Acute, voice, panic
The weekend was fantastic and overwhelming (for a 'reserved Brit' like me anyway!)- but certainly a "pivotal experience" as far as I am concerned. I don't think I have ever been to a seminar that has been delivered with such clarity. I had a new patient this morning who was an acute patient unable to move neck or trunk for severe mid thoracic radiating pain. Also very hoarse voice, which was not normal for him. Treated cranials, palate, ribs and spine in sitting position (couldn't get him into injury position for the pain!). Panic pattern was also present. After he was able to breathe fully, visible facial relief and his voice changed. On leaving he was able to move a lot more freely and he was certainly smiling! Louise Saunders, D.C.

Hi Tedd, The most dramatic post (cranial and panic pattern) adjustment reaction came from one of my CA's who said she felt like she was having the same symptoms as a prior nervous breakdown. She began crying and said she didn't want me to use it on her again! I explained about retracing, and was fortunate to have Dr. Hasslet stop by who also reassured her. She went home at lunchtime and fell into a deep sleep and reported having a very vivid dream, which she wrote down and brought into the office to share. She has been having insomnia, so even the deep sleep at lunchtime was a positive event. I'll keep you posted. Helga Scheuermann, D.C.

Dear Tedd, I thought the seminar was excellent. I was able to sleep on my left shoulder Saturday night after the seminar. Last week I was playing pickle in the street with my son and while I was running from base to base I fell and landed on my left shoulder. I thought I had fractured it - even took an X-ray. No fx, but lots of pain. After my adjustment Saturday I was able to sleep on it for the first time in a week. It was great to see you and your wife and I look forward to helping lots of people with your technique. Thanks, Chris

Monday AM patients
This adjusting technique is going to change the world. Monday AM I was able to assist a patient in healing with an elbow problem. She had this problem for at least a year and wore a brace because of the pain. I was so confident that I could help her, I said "Let's get rid of that pain now. She was pain free after the adjustment. I adjusted her holding a glass of water because she said it would always hurt when holding a glass. I adjusted several patients in the position of pain and it works!! I was truly able to do work that I had not been able to do before. The last patient of the day was a M.D. he was very skeptical. I said it is about results. Give me your most problem area and let's see. He plays tennis with college players and has Lat. epicondylitis. He was pain free after the adjustment. He said he was impressed. I said we do what works whether we totally understand it or not. He agreed. Now for how I felt....I was exhausted....and slept 10 hours last night. I have said you are the Galileo of Doctors. Will write more.... Dr. Kelsie King, Houston, Texas

Superior results the norm
We are getting so used to superior results that it just seems normal now. Many of the chronic patients that had reached a plateau in their care are now making significant forward progress. Retracing is a major issue now so we bought some pamphlets on retracing. One of our pregnant ladies was not feeling much after the first two visits; today she came in and stated she was starting to feel better all over and that her low back was not bothering her anymore.
Bruce King, D.C.

Another great day at the office
Another great day at the office with KST. The patients really do enjoy it. I had truly remarkable results: 75% reduction in rheumatoid pain, immediate chronic low back pain relief of disc pain relief and on and on. I had a new patient with chronic LBP and headaches who returned the next day so excited she told everyone at her office she was pain free, slept through the night for the first time in years and could breathe freely. (I didn't even know about that problem.) Then I said that I forgot to tell her about retracing, dreams, etc... her jaw dropped and she described a full night of vivid past trauma and "old boyfriend" dreams. Another one bites the dust! Don Piccoli, D.C.

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