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Tedd's Story

Tedd's Story & Testimonials

For many years I ran a successful, multi-doctor, multidisciplinary practice in Center City Philadelphia. I began writing and publishing chiropractic educational materials and created Koren Publications which provides materials to chiropractors for their patients throughout the world. You can learn about the company and our products and see my resume at

As Koren Publications grew in popularity it took more and more of my time so in 1991 I made the decision to stop practicing full time and relocated to Gwynedd Valley, PA to devote more time to writing, speaking, research and family. Currently I am on the faculty of two chiropractic colleges and am in demand as a speaker at seminars in the US, Canada, UK, Australia and Japan.

Due to repeated requests for care I began to see patients out of my home, purposely keeping my practice limited to a small, select group of people.

I had a 25-year lumbo-sacral disc problem that was getting worse. My sciatica was so bad at times that I couldn't walk more than ten feet before I had to sit and wait for the intense pain to subside. I was never completely pain free. I was adjusted by scores of DCs ' top people in the US and Canada. Nothing resolved my problem completely. I feared I'd need surgery.

In late 2003, as a result of research and clinical experimentation, I developed an improved form of chiropractic spinal care that I now call Koren Specific Technique.

After discovering this technique I started adjusting myself and within a few weeks my 25-year problem resolved. I find that with Koren Specific Technique patients can be more thoroughly analyzed than ever before, with the adjustments holding better and for longer periods of time.

My wife suffered from migraines since her first pregnancy in 1991. Adjustments rarely helped. I adjusted her with this technique (November 2003) and she hasn't had a migraine since then. Her first adjustment held for 6 weeks. She'd never held that long before. Now, she is rarely 'out.'

A few of the case studies/testimonials I've received'
(Almost all these people had only ONE ADJUSTMENT)

Colitis: 'I have colitis. I was adjusted by you at the Masters Seminar in NY. To test it, I ate Mexican food. For the first time I had no reaction. I am still doing great. I'd love to get started with your technique.' Chris Guistolise, D.C.

Sleeping Difficulties: 'You adjusted my sphenoid, left palate and ribs at the FCS seminar. I have always had trouble sleeping....a lifelong problem! I will not take any drug for it, nor do I get out of bed to read or watch TV. So usually I just lie in bed and suffer.
'Since your adjustment I have been sleeping through the night like a baby. My husband, a fellow chiropractor - Jim, is shocked and very happy since now he can sleep better, too. Let me know when you are teaching it.' Veronica Valentine, D.C.

Spondylo: 'Just incredibly impressed. I have a spondylo, L4 onto L5 and have had relentless paresthesia in my right leg (after maybe 5 to 10 minutes of walking) and I pretty well didn't think that situation was going to improve. Within about 30 minutes after you adjusted me, I definitely felt something different in the leg. I can now walk about an hour before I feel paresthesia in my leg. That was one adjustment. The best adjustment I ever had in my life. I certainly wondered what adjustment #2 would do.' Donald R. Lyles, D.C.

Dyslexia, 'Focusing Difficulty': 'My son, Alex, was bitten by a dog on the head when he was 4-years-old. Both his father and I are chiropractors and have adjusted him regularly throughout the last 9 years (he is 13 now). Alex was diagnosed with 'focusing difficulty' and some dyslexia/reading problems. After Tedd adjusted Alex he became very tired and went to bed early that night. Alex's dyslexia has been eliminated by one adjustment to his sphenoid bones. He now reads novels without coercion. Two teachers have sent notices home noting Alex's drastic improvement in his focus, participation, grades, and homework. I look forward to learning this technique.' Donna Funk, D.C.

Sacrum/Pelvis Finally Holding: 'You adjusted my wife at the Masters Circle. I am very happy to say that her sacrum/pelvis is holding the adjustment... still. She has never held an adjustment in her pelvis'. She had an emotional release after you worked on her. She actually had to go upstairs and cry afterward. Even while we were walking away from you, she was feeling a "rush" through her abdomen and into her chest while choking back tears. Not from pain, just the emotional release.' Brett A. Moss, D.C.

Sinus Infection, Chronic Muscle Tightness; 'We noticed the biggest change in Elizabeth (our 5-year-old) ' her sinus infection seems to be gone already' Bob experienced two long motorcycle rides where his upper back and traps didn't tighten up. This is something he has struggled with for many years. We are both trying to convince our new chiropractor that he needs to learn this technique. Jan Taplin (student)
PS. I have seen 11 DCs in the past 20 years trying to find one that focuses on innate intelligence and true wellness, and not just pain relief. My husband was so impressed that we discuss flying Philadelphia once a month to get checked by you!

Immediate Postural Change: 'The rib adjustment took stress off my mid-spine resulting in an immediate change of posture. I have felt considerably more at ease since then.' Bruce Nadel, D.C.

Anxiety Pattern, Retracing: 'I've added it to my diversified/ SOT/Thompson approach. It just fits in so well... I especially like how quick and easy it is to assess the cranial bones - brilliant. I have found quite a few "anxiety" patients as you did in the seminar... One of our CAs had a good emotional/retracing release following your adjustment and has continued to make progress incorporating your technique into our approach - before that we were at a plateau.' Roger Wood, Norwich, England

Constant Headache Gone: 'You adjusted me on Sunday. My constant headache stopped; my head felt completely clear. I have not had any dreams but have slept so heavily since the adjustment that I don't think I would remember them!' Debbie Brown, D.C.

Breathing, Retracing, Pelvic Pain: 'I feel so good since that adjustment. I can breath easily now, what a change! It's amazing how an adjustment can affect your life, physically and mentally. You adjusted me low force on my ribs, coccyx and sternum (I don't think that there are many techniques that bother to check those areas). I started to breath. All of the stress I had for the past 4 years flowed out of me and I began to cry. I couldn't believe that a simple adjustment'could release emotions so dramatically! My chronic pelvic pains are gone.' Nathalie Gauthier, D.C.

Shoulder: 'You adjusted several cranial and shoulder subluxations and I had drastic improvement. Low force makes it very comfortable.' Shawn Lunde, D.C.

16-Year Neck Problem: 'I had a severe neck problem for 16 years. I received one adjustment and had an immediate 70% improvement.' Jonas E. Marry, D.C.

Shoulder Pain and Weakness: 'After a broken clavicle I've had daily shoulder pain. Adjusting, weight lifting, even holding my daughter hurts. I can't throw a football without pain and tremendous weakness. After one adjustment, my shoulder felt loose and more mobile. This morning, I saw 10 patients- the pain has been minimal. 3 chiropractors who did a variety of extremity adjustments had not been able to help me.' Sean Hopkins, D.C.

Lower Back and Leg Pain: 'In 2000 I started having right sided lower back pain right over the SI region that referred into the right groin area and sometimes into my right lateral leg and right calf. I was headed for an MRI. In Chicago April 2004 at the Masters Circle you adjusted me standing and I have been symptom free since.' Dean P. Cherniak, D.C.

Mid-Thoracic Burning Pain: 'I was one of the lucky ones to receive an adjustment at the seminar. Your technique is very specific and comprehensive. My symptoms included constant burning pain in the mid-thoracic region possibly due to an unstable rib head for the past 6 months. Post adjustment I was without pain for about 18 hours. I'd like more adjustments for a permanent resolution.' David A. Brook, D.C.

Face, Neck Pain, Mental: '18 years ago after a motorcycle accident I've had constant face, neck, mid-back pains and have been in a mental fog. After you adjusted me I slept 16 hours. Awoke pain-free! My mind isn't foggy anymore. I've been adjusted for years and never experienced this kind of release.' Name withheld

Breathing, Knee Pain, Low Back, Limping, Wrist Pain: 'I noticed fatigue immediately afterwards and an incredible increased lung capacity. I don't remember breathing like that for quite some time, even when I exercise. It was really lovely! I had a lot of energy later in the day and reduction of the chronic back and leg pain. I adjusted some using your procedure: One woman with a knee replacement had increasing opposite knee pain, low back pain and limping. She has been to the orthopedist, Rolfer and me with little improvement. I adjusted her pubic symphysis as you do and viola she got up off the table without any limp or back pain whatsoever. It was a miracle. Another woman with 3-month wrist pain was adjusted using your Dowagers hump protocol. The wrist pain left immediately and hasn't returned. Of course her neck is better and her energy has been terrific. I'm having a blast with this and so are my practice members.' Pam Kirkwood, D.C., Oxford, UK

Pushups: 'I haven't been able to do pushups for the past 10 years due to hand and arm pain. Dr. Koren was in my D.C.'s office one day and adjusted me. He said, 'Do some pushups.' I thought he was crazy. I got down on the floor and did 12 ' no pain! First time in 10 years.' Name withheld

Headaches: 'I have suffered from headaches my entire life. I had a headache Friday and Saturday of the seminar. You adjusted me Saturday, and my headache was gone later that day, none Sunday. I like being able to adjust the disks. I know that a lot of chiropractors are looking for something they can get incredible and consistent results from just by the questions after you adjusted me. "HOW DID IT FEEL? WAS IT JUST THE MOST INCREDIBLE THING EVER?' Todd Caughey, D.C.

After a Lifetime of Care': 'You adjusted our son, Tony, at the Masters Circle and he said he got a great response (after a lifetime of chiropractic care).' Veronica Gutierrez, D.C.

From Tony Gutierrez, D.C.: 'You adjusted my cranials and upper cervicals and the juice was turned on. I can tell when an adjustment works. I literally broke out in a sweat. I felt wonderful. I couldn't believe I could feel so good and I had been adjusted for years.'

It's easy to learn & implement into your practice right away ' take the seminar and you'll be getting results like the ones above (or below) Monday morning (or Sunday night).

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